Skin Smoothing Cream – What You Need to Know About This Dermalogica Moisturiser

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Skin Smoothing Cream – Why Does Everybody Love You?


Skin smoothing cream has to be the most used dermalogica moisturiser ever, why is this? For the simple fact that it feels really nice on the skin, instantly improves the hydration of your skin and is suitable for most skin types, preferably normal to combination dry skins.

It is a medium weight highly active cream with added vitamins and botanicals that work synergistically together to work perfectly with your skin. It is more than just a simple moisturiser, it uses silk amino acids in its formula to improve your skin’s texture by smoothing the skin, hence the name “skin smoothing!” Silk amino acids also have great water binding properties and help combat skin dehydration.

Aloe is also used in this popular dermalogica moisturiser to not only help healing but also to prevent the appearance of any tell-tale dehydration fine lines on the skin, improve moisturisation and smoothness.


It is also loaded with vitamins A, C and E and grape seed extract for antioxidant protection from the drying effects of environmental exposure, pollution and stress (reducing free radical activity).

Even though dermalogica does not let us know the percentage of vitamins in most of its products, my guess is they have more vitamin E, because vitamin E smooths the skin and the more vitamin E used the more moisture in your skin and just using a 5% concentration of vitamin E to the skin showed a 36% improvement in skin smoothness.

You would think that this moisturiser would have a greater percentage of vitamin E and remember vitamin E protects the cell membranes from free radical damage (one of the causes of aging).



This moisturiser also uses herbal extracts of mallow, cucumber and arnica. Mallow helps to soften dry skin, while cucumber and arnica soothe and hydrate the skin.

How to Use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing

For the most effective results, you need to cleanse your skin first preferably with a dermalogica cleanser prescribed for your skin, then gently spritz your skin with dermalogica’s multi-active toner, this product lightly hydrates your skin and prepares it for moisturisation.

Now squeeze out a pea size amount of the dermalogica moisturiser, that’s all you need for your face and neck, and apply it to your face while it’s still damp from the multi-active toner. Using multi-active toner with skin smoothing this way, will actually make your moisturiser last twice as long, because you use less.

If you are going to do this in the day make sure you apply a sunscreen over the top because this moisturiser does not contain any sunscreen as it is made to be used morning and night, my personal recommendation is to use the solar booster from dermalogica as this sunscreen can be mixed in with skin smoothing cream, making application quick and easy.

Skin Smoothing Cream Summary

Remember dermalogica skin smoothing cream is a moisturiser with added vitamins for antioxidant protection, silk amino acids for smoothness and various herbal extracts to hydrate the skin.

This is a great moisturiser and feels fantastic on the skin but if you are concerned with anti-aging I would suggest you try other skin care products in the range or boost the effectiveness of skin smoothing cream by adding the boosters to it, or even dermalogica’s map-15 for anti-aging benefits.


Remember you need to wear sunscreen in the day, preferably one with added vitamins for protection and try using multi-active toner with it, you will find even more benefits for your skin and you will wonder how you ever used a moisturiser without it.

Although skin smoothing cream uses vitamin A, in this product, it is for it antioxidant protection properties only, so make sure you include exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine.
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Skin Exfoliation – A Must For Smoother, Healthier Skin

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The process of sloughing off of dead skin cells from the epidermis is called exfoliation. The skin gets rid of dead cells every now and then to give way to younger cells. Individuals with dry skin especially need to exfoliate since what causes the dryness is actually the accumulation of dead cells. That doesn’t mean though that oily-skinned people need not exfoliate anymore. Too much oil in the skin can also cause dead cells to hold on to it.


Exfoliation should be done in a gentle manner. Sometimes, too much scrubbing during exfoliation causes skin irritation. The result can also be worse than that if you have no idea at all on how to exfoliate properly. However, if you can perform skin exfoliation the right way, you will notice some very impressive changes taking place in your skin and you would get rid of the irritation.

Some people use dry brush in exfoliating their skin. This is a good technique and should be done regularly and in the morning before going to the shower. Brushing doesn’t just help do away with dead cells, it also helps regulate blood circulation which is good for the skin. It also promotes a healthy lymphatic system and helps get rid of bodily toxins. Most importantly, the massaging done can help you calm the nerves and make you relax.

Dry skin can make wrinkles, fine lines, and other complexion problems look worse. Furthermore, you won’t be able to get the most of your foundation since foundation can wear off very easily when applied on dry skin. This leaves your complexion dull and flaky. Therefore, if you have dry skin, see to it that you exfoliate regularly.


If you can exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, you can do away with the many issues that accompany dry skin. Age spots, for instance, are reduced because the pigmented cells are removed through exfoliation. Skin exfoliation also lessens the appearance of scar and helps keep your pores tight, making your skin firm, smooth, and healthy.

Finally, through regular skin exfoliation, you are allowing your skin to get the most out of the skin products that you’re using. If you fail to exfoliate, and dead cells are settling on your skin’s surface, the ingredients contained in your beauty product will find it very difficult to penetrate into your skin and do their work. Therefore, find a good exfoliant and perform skin exfoliation two times a week. That should help you maintain a skin that’s healthy and smooth.

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Keeping Your Skin Smooth, Soft, and Firm

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All of us wanted to have a smooth, soft, and firm skin, which is the reason why we are continuously looking for ways on how we can improve our overall skin appearance. However, the skin care products being sold in the market today costs money, and most people can’t afford to spend a lot of money just to take care of their skin. This article will be showing you some simple steps that will help you have smoother and softer skin without spending a lot of money.

1.) Visit a day spa – aside from massaging that can help you relax; day spas also offer different methods of scrubbing your skin. Some are using mud while some use salt, both of which can help you remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and soft. Aside from this, you can also get several other services that are focused on improving your overall appearance. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, because you only need to visit day spas at least once every week.

2.) Use home remedies – if you are using skin care products being sold in the market, then why don’t you use homemade skin care products? Aside from being natural, homemade products are made by you, so you can be sure that all the ingredients that you are using are safe for your skin.

3.) Bath in tepid water – natural oils protect your skin from dehydration and if you are bathing in hot water, you are removing essential oils leaving your skin susceptible to dryness and other skin damages.


4.) Avoid frequent change of weight – losing weight is not bad, but frequent change in your weight can cause damage to your skin. So if you want to lose weight, make sure that you won’t gain weight soon or your skin will be suffering from losing the elasticity of your skin.

Like I mentioned at the top of this kind of post, I developed this blog about skin care innovation due to the fact that my friends are into cosmetics and dermatology and skin care in general, and I enjoy devices and leading-edge tech, so we are experimenting in this area to discover all the info that covers this area of interest.

How to Get Permanent and Quick Skin Smoothing


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Have you ever wondered why all cosmetic efforts to improve skin vitality, are focused on applying creams on the outside of the skin? Does it make sense to paint a rusty car, when you know that the rust will keep eating away, no matter how many coats of paint you apply? This is a crude analogy, but helps illustrate the principle of healthy skin. Our skin, which is our largest organ, requires a lot of nutrients, that diminishes as our digestive system becomes dysfunctional. Nature provides two powerful resources that can quickly restore skin quality.

The treatment principle is for nature to restore the needed supply of nutrients to the skin. The major source of chemicals and nutrients is the digestive system, but unfortunately, we are told in medical lectures that our digestive systems are about 50 percent dysfunctional by age forty. It is even evident on some people less than thirty years of age, who have wrinkles on their face and neck. It is nothing to do with sunlight, as that is just an external hazard.


The main reason our digestive systems become dysfunctional, is because of the overload of toxic pathogens. The digestive system is also part of the immune system, and when the good bacteria can no longer cope with the accumulation of toxic pathogens, then dysfunction starts. Toxins can include virus, bacteria, chemicals, pollutants, and an endless variety of environmental hazards that we consume and are exposed to increasingly, in our society.

This is an increasing critical issue, that is compromising our health, particularly, when there is no single treatment to address all the possible toxins. So if the digestive system is seriously hindered by pathogens, and infections and inflammations, it is unable to maintain its original peak performance in producing necessary nutrients for itself and other organs, including the skin.

It is physically impossible for any man made treatment to be able to address all the toxins in anyone’s body, when they may be different for every person anyway. This is why no solution or treatment is offered, because they do not exist.

The French first resolved this issue a few years ago, in a critical medical institute for the terminally ill. They injected half a litre of Thyme essential oil into the small intestines of patients about to die from emphysema. This ” shock ” treatment, as they called it, immediately destroyed all of the toxic bacteria, and the patients were free of emphysema, and lived. They also tested five thousand people, and discovered that two thousand had a toxic overload. This meant that their digestive and immune systems were dysfunctional, and disease conditions were imminent.


The two factors of interest are that the increase of toxins today, is a serious impediment to our health, especially the digestive system. The second factor is that these toxic pathogens can all be quickly contained by medicinal plant oils, called essential oils. This has been known for centuries, and is continually verified in universities around the world.

So now we have the first of two resources of nature, that will restore our digestive function by halting any toxins or toxic conditions, such as disease causing infections and inflammations. Even one of these medicinal plant oils, such as Thyme, that the French used, will neutralise toxic conditions, while they are in the body. Others are ones like Oregano, and Cinnamon leaf.

The dilemma though, is that people are not going to go to hospital to have an injection of concentrated plant oils, just to improve their digestive function. We have been conditioned to wait until we are sick, and then seek treatment. So our digestive systems sluggishly linger on, until we do get chronically ill. By then we will have accumulated a cocktail of toxic pathogens, for which there is no available treatment. Unfortunately there do not seem to be many trained plant oil injecting medicos around.


There is a solution, however, and it is in the form of another resource of nature, not man. Quartz crystals are widely used in industry to maintain specific frequencies, and can now be used to maintain the specific frequency of an essential oil. Every oil has a specific frequency, as can be easily demonstrated with a frequency meter, so supposing you choose an essential plant oil such as oregano or Thyme, its frequency can be maintained by a quartz crystal. This means that if you put a drop of say, Thyme oil on a piece of quartz, it will maintain, store, and amplify that frequency.

A cheap, introductory, but still effective way of getting smooth skin from the inside, is to get a handful of tumbled quartz crystals, which are usually about the size of the end of your finger. They are smooth and easily tucked into your socks. All you need to do once, is to put a drop of Thyme oil on each of the crystals.


From then on, every time you put each of these, say six crystals, in your socks, the properties of the essential plant oil will be amplified through your body. You now have continuous anti pathogen therapy at work. While the frequency of say Thyme oil, is present in your body, it is halting the development of any pathogenic condition in your body. The digestive system appreciates this, because it is relieved of this burden, and can now be more functional in producing nutrients, especially for the skin.

Skin smoothing is our focus, and I shall do all I can to find the evaluations that you need. Please send us reminders as to whether you require greater level education, or other types of content.

How To Gel Your Skin Tone And Hairstyle


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Choosing the right hair color is not about finding your favorite shade or telling your hairstylist about the color that you admire the most in your favorite star. What looks good on your next-door neighbor or best friend might look awful on you. This is because what hair color will suit you is entirely dependent on your skin tone.

While choosing your hair color, first and foremost, take into account the natural color of your hair, your eye color, and your skin tone in unison.


Remember that pale skin adjust to almost all hair colors. However, you need to avoid shades of red or golden blonde if your skin is pink. If your skin tone is yellow, you need to steer clear from yellow, gold or orange tones, as they accentuate the yellow color of your skin and make you look awkward. The darker hair colors are best for olive skin. A person with olive skin has a medium-toned skin with a hint of green undertones, and it will tan easily. If you are such a person, you can go for chestnut-browns, hints of red and red hues with cooler notes. Keep in mind that the wrong hair color can ruin your looks and so it is a must that you match your skin tone with your hair.

I advise that if you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust, go for warm hair tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn. Cool hair tones like platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black, will suit a person who can carry with élan colors like bluish red, fuschia, black, royal blue or pine green. Go for neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany if colors as red, purple, charcoal grey, periwinkle or teal add luster to your complexion.


Whatever hair color you choose, remember to consult your hairstylist and before you make a final decision first try out the color in small portions of your hair and then take the plunge.

A basic tenet is that if you have to wear more make up than before after you color your hair, then you have selected the wrong color. The perfect hair shade should highlight your skin tone, bring it alive and your skin should glow. On the other hand, if your hair color does not complement your skin tone, you may look tired and washed out. Therefore, it is a must that you find out more about your skin tone and choose the color carefully.

Professional hairstylists too agree that the most problematic part of the entire process is determining the right skin tone. In fact most of us have undertones that are subtle and tricky and difficult for even the professional eye to determine. Just as the face shape is important for you to choose a perfect hairstyle, similarly determining the skin tone is a must for finding out the right hair color that adds a sparkle to your looks. So consult your professional stylist, determine your skin tone as well as the undertone and find out the color, which suits you the best.
Like I discussed at the top side of the present post, I developed this blog about skin care innovation because my pals enjoy cosmetics and dermatology and skin care generally, and I like gadgets and leading-edge tech, so we are experimenting in this area to find all the info that covers this area of interest.

How to Care For Dry Skin and Keep Your Skin Smooth

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Have you ever stopped to do a quick check on your skin? Is your skin well moisturized or is it so dry that you can write your name on your skin using your nails as your pen. If you can do that, then it is time for you to find a way to care for dry skin. Dry skin does not only make your skin prone to injury but it also leads to wrinkles.

As there are several factors that can cause dry skin, there are also several methods to help resolve it. Age can be a factor of our skin getting drier. The older we get, the more our skin loses moisture and has a greater tendency to be dry. But you don’t have to be old in order to have dry skin; there may be other factors at hand.

Another common cause of dry skin which people often neglect is exposure to the sun. Although you may not spend too much time under the sun as you do when you sunbath, frequent exposure to it can not only cause dry skin but damage as well. This is why people who are outdoors often are advised to always apply sunscreen.


Very strong beauty products may also cause our skin to dry up no matter how oily our skin may be. Another consideration in the battle of dry skin may be menopause. A change in the hormones during menopause can cause the skin to dry up.

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of your dry skin you can begin to get an idea of how to care for it. As already mentioned, sunscreen is important to protect your skin from the sun, avoiding products that have very harsh chemicals can also help, as well as applying moisturizers to keep your skin from drying out.


When hydrating the skin on your face make sure to use a cream instead of lotions as they contain alcohol and should not be used on the face. Finally, it is not that hard to maintain a smooth skin. Care for dry skin does not take that much effort as long as you know the right treatment to use.


I plan to post lots of articles in the weeks to come about Skin Smoothing investigation and education. The reason I prepare to utilize this strategy is due to the fact that I am an university student during the day and work this full-time job in the evening, so, it is really challenging.

Best Anti Aging Beauty Solutions For Great Looking Skin

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Do you find it difficult to find the right anti aging beauty solutions for your skin wrinkles? If so, you are not alone. Many people have been trying to find the best anti-aging screams to reverse their aging skin. Unfortunately, not many succeed.


To be honest, there are many ignorant remarks and reviews on which is the best anti aging beauty solutions. If you follow the wrong advices, you could find yourself wasting a lot of time and money on those useless solutions.

In this article, I will recommend you the best anti aging beauty solutions you should go for if you want to attain beautiful and nice looking skin. Here are 3 of them.

#1 – Diet and Nutrition
If you want to have great looking skin, one of the most important things you should do is to look after your body. An easy way to ensure your body has the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to fuel your skin system is to take a multi-vitamin or omega-3 fish oil products. These two supplements will provide you the boost you need to keep your skin fresh and youthful looking.

#2 – Walk, Run, Jog


Many people find exercise a chore. But to achieve younger looking skin, one of the most important habits you can pick up is to exercise daily. Try to walk, run or jog regularly to burn off excess fats and calories from your body. You will also be increasing blood circulation and this will benefit your skin most of all.

#3 – Natural anti aging cream
One of the best anti aging beauty solutions I have for you is to look for an effective anti aging cream. However, be careful what you choose because many of them contains harsh chemical that can destroy your skin nutrients in the longer term. I would recommend you to read the label and choose only ingredients such as Cynergy Tk or Coenzyme Q10.


And to help you get clearer and younger looking skin, I would like to share with you one anti aging skin care range of products that I discovered. They contain more active ingredients than any other cream on the market. These ingredients are effective moisturizers, because they penetrate deeply to “nourish” the skin. So, they never feel greasy.

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