How to Get Permanent and Quick Skin Smoothing


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Have you ever wondered why all cosmetic efforts to improve skin vitality, are focused on applying creams on the outside of the skin? Does it make sense to paint a rusty car, when you know that the rust will keep eating away, no matter how many coats of paint you apply? This is a crude analogy, but helps illustrate the principle of healthy skin. Our skin, which is our largest organ, requires a lot of nutrients, that diminishes as our digestive system becomes dysfunctional. Nature provides two powerful resources that can quickly restore skin quality.

The treatment principle is for nature to restore the needed supply of nutrients to the skin. The major source of chemicals and nutrients is the digestive system, but unfortunately, we are told in medical lectures that our digestive systems are about 50 percent dysfunctional by age forty. It is even evident on some people less than thirty years of age, who have wrinkles on their face and neck. It is nothing to do with sunlight, as that is just an external hazard.


The main reason our digestive systems become dysfunctional, is because of the overload of toxic pathogens. The digestive system is also part of the immune system, and when the good bacteria can no longer cope with the accumulation of toxic pathogens, then dysfunction starts. Toxins can include virus, bacteria, chemicals, pollutants, and an endless variety of environmental hazards that we consume and are exposed to increasingly, in our society.

This is an increasing critical issue, that is compromising our health, particularly, when there is no single treatment to address all the possible toxins. So if the digestive system is seriously hindered by pathogens, and infections and inflammations, it is unable to maintain its original peak performance in producing necessary nutrients for itself and other organs, including the skin.

It is physically impossible for any man made treatment to be able to address all the toxins in anyone’s body, when they may be different for every person anyway. This is why no solution or treatment is offered, because they do not exist.

The French first resolved this issue a few years ago, in a critical medical institute for the terminally ill. They injected half a litre of Thyme essential oil into the small intestines of patients about to die from emphysema. This ” shock ” treatment, as they called it, immediately destroyed all of the toxic bacteria, and the patients were free of emphysema, and lived. They also tested five thousand people, and discovered that two thousand had a toxic overload. This meant that their digestive and immune systems were dysfunctional, and disease conditions were imminent.


The two factors of interest are that the increase of toxins today, is a serious impediment to our health, especially the digestive system. The second factor is that these toxic pathogens can all be quickly contained by medicinal plant oils, called essential oils. This has been known for centuries, and is continually verified in universities around the world.

So now we have the first of two resources of nature, that will restore our digestive function by halting any toxins or toxic conditions, such as disease causing infections and inflammations. Even one of these medicinal plant oils, such as Thyme, that the French used, will neutralise toxic conditions, while they are in the body. Others are ones like Oregano, and Cinnamon leaf.

The dilemma though, is that people are not going to go to hospital to have an injection of concentrated plant oils, just to improve their digestive function. We have been conditioned to wait until we are sick, and then seek treatment. So our digestive systems sluggishly linger on, until we do get chronically ill. By then we will have accumulated a cocktail of toxic pathogens, for which there is no available treatment. Unfortunately there do not seem to be many trained plant oil injecting medicos around.


There is a solution, however, and it is in the form of another resource of nature, not man. Quartz crystals are widely used in industry to maintain specific frequencies, and can now be used to maintain the specific frequency of an essential oil. Every oil has a specific frequency, as can be easily demonstrated with a frequency meter, so supposing you choose an essential plant oil such as oregano or Thyme, its frequency can be maintained by a quartz crystal. This means that if you put a drop of say, Thyme oil on a piece of quartz, it will maintain, store, and amplify that frequency.

A cheap, introductory, but still effective way of getting smooth skin from the inside, is to get a handful of tumbled quartz crystals, which are usually about the size of the end of your finger. They are smooth and easily tucked into your socks. All you need to do once, is to put a drop of Thyme oil on each of the crystals.


From then on, every time you put each of these, say six crystals, in your socks, the properties of the essential plant oil will be amplified through your body. You now have continuous anti pathogen therapy at work. While the frequency of say Thyme oil, is present in your body, it is halting the development of any pathogenic condition in your body. The digestive system appreciates this, because it is relieved of this burden, and can now be more functional in producing nutrients, especially for the skin.

Skin smoothing is our focus, and I shall do all I can to find the evaluations that you need. Please send us reminders as to whether you require greater level education, or other types of content.

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