Skin Exfoliation – A Must For Smoother, Healthier Skin

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The process of sloughing off of dead skin cells from the epidermis is called exfoliation. The skin gets rid of dead cells every now and then to give way to younger cells. Individuals with dry skin especially need to exfoliate since what causes the dryness is actually the accumulation of dead cells. That doesn’t mean though that oily-skinned people need not exfoliate anymore. Too much oil in the skin can also cause dead cells to hold on to it.


Exfoliation should be done in a gentle manner. Sometimes, too much scrubbing during exfoliation causes skin irritation. The result can also be worse than that if you have no idea at all on how to exfoliate properly. However, if you can perform skin exfoliation the right way, you will notice some very impressive changes taking place in your skin and you would get rid of the irritation.

Some people use dry brush in exfoliating their skin. This is a good technique and should be done regularly and in the morning before going to the shower. Brushing doesn’t just help do away with dead cells, it also helps regulate blood circulation which is good for the skin. It also promotes a healthy lymphatic system and helps get rid of bodily toxins. Most importantly, the massaging done can help you calm the nerves and make you relax.

Dry skin can make wrinkles, fine lines, and other complexion problems look worse. Furthermore, you won’t be able to get the most of your foundation since foundation can wear off very easily when applied on dry skin. This leaves your complexion dull and flaky. Therefore, if you have dry skin, see to it that you exfoliate regularly.


If you can exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, you can do away with the many issues that accompany dry skin. Age spots, for instance, are reduced because the pigmented cells are removed through exfoliation. Skin exfoliation also lessens the appearance of scar and helps keep your pores tight, making your skin firm, smooth, and healthy.

Finally, through regular skin exfoliation, you are allowing your skin to get the most out of the skin products that you’re using. If you fail to exfoliate, and dead cells are settling on your skin’s surface, the ingredients contained in your beauty product will find it very difficult to penetrate into your skin and do their work. Therefore, find a good exfoliant and perform skin exfoliation two times a week. That should help you maintain a skin that’s healthy and smooth.

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