Skin Smoothing Cream – What You Need to Know About This Dermalogica Moisturiser

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Skin Smoothing Cream – Why Does Everybody Love You?


Skin smoothing cream has to be the most used dermalogica moisturiser ever, why is this? For the simple fact that it feels really nice on the skin, instantly improves the hydration of your skin and is suitable for most skin types, preferably normal to combination dry skins.

It is a medium weight highly active cream with added vitamins and botanicals that work synergistically together to work perfectly with your skin. It is more than just a simple moisturiser, it uses silk amino acids in its formula to improve your skin’s texture by smoothing the skin, hence the name “skin smoothing!” Silk amino acids also have great water binding properties and help combat skin dehydration.

Aloe is also used in this popular dermalogica moisturiser to not only help healing but also to prevent the appearance of any tell-tale dehydration fine lines on the skin, improve moisturisation and smoothness.


It is also loaded with vitamins A, C and E and grape seed extract for antioxidant protection from the drying effects of environmental exposure, pollution and stress (reducing free radical activity).

Even though dermalogica does not let us know the percentage of vitamins in most of its products, my guess is they have more vitamin E, because vitamin E smooths the skin and the more vitamin E used the more moisture in your skin and just using a 5% concentration of vitamin E to the skin showed a 36% improvement in skin smoothness.

You would think that this moisturiser would have a greater percentage of vitamin E and remember vitamin E protects the cell membranes from free radical damage (one of the causes of aging).



This moisturiser also uses herbal extracts of mallow, cucumber and arnica. Mallow helps to soften dry skin, while cucumber and arnica soothe and hydrate the skin.

How to Use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing

For the most effective results, you need to cleanse your skin first preferably with a dermalogica cleanser prescribed for your skin, then gently spritz your skin with dermalogica’s multi-active toner, this product lightly hydrates your skin and prepares it for moisturisation.

Now squeeze out a pea size amount of the dermalogica moisturiser, that’s all you need for your face and neck, and apply it to your face while it’s still damp from the multi-active toner. Using multi-active toner with skin smoothing this way, will actually make your moisturiser last twice as long, because you use less.

If you are going to do this in the day make sure you apply a sunscreen over the top because this moisturiser does not contain any sunscreen as it is made to be used morning and night, my personal recommendation is to use the solar booster from dermalogica as this sunscreen can be mixed in with skin smoothing cream, making application quick and easy.

Skin Smoothing Cream Summary

Remember dermalogica skin smoothing cream is a moisturiser with added vitamins for antioxidant protection, silk amino acids for smoothness and various herbal extracts to hydrate the skin.

This is a great moisturiser and feels fantastic on the skin but if you are concerned with anti-aging I would suggest you try other skin care products in the range or boost the effectiveness of skin smoothing cream by adding the boosters to it, or even dermalogica’s map-15 for anti-aging benefits.


Remember you need to wear sunscreen in the day, preferably one with added vitamins for protection and try using multi-active toner with it, you will find even more benefits for your skin and you will wonder how you ever used a moisturiser without it.

Although skin smoothing cream uses vitamin A, in this product, it is for it antioxidant protection properties only, so make sure you include exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine.
Thank you for staying with me through all that Skin Smoothing info. Hey, in the present world of shared and re-posted content, I appreciate your aid in letting me share a bit about myself and setting a fascinating and personal tone.

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